Assguard Lightning

Race: Dwarf
Coached by: Bjoern

1ProfiBlitzer5339Block, Thick Skull, Mighty Blow, Dodge  32 4227130 kgp
2AssiBlitzer5339Block, Thick Skull, Mighty Blow, Dodge, Tackle  12 9340150 kgp
3ToniTroll Slayer5328Block, Dauntless, Frenzy, Thick Skull, Mighty Blow, Guard     3216130 kgp
4NorbertTroll Slayer5428Block, Dauntless, Frenzy, Thick Skull, +1 ST, Dodge, Side Step   2 9339200 kgp
5ChuckyRunner6338Sure Hands, Thick Skull, Block, Kick-Off Return, Fend  512   41140 kgp
6SchuppsiRunner7338Sure Hands, Thick Skull, +1 MA   1  18110 kgp
7AsselBlocker4429Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard, +1 ST     6222140 kgp
8MazelBlocker3329Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard, Mighty Blow, -1 MA MNG    5220110 kgp
9Burzel IIBlocker4329Block, Tackle, Thick Skull     1 270 kgp
10NoppiBlocker4329Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard, Mighty Blow     7224110 kgp
11AleppsoBlocker4329Block, Tackle, Thick Skull       070 kgp
12BlubbiBlocker4329Block, Tackle, Thick Skull       070 kgp
13FipsiBlocker4329Block, Tackle, Thick Skull, Guard   1  1890 kgp
14MurpsiBlocker4329Block, Tackle, Thick Skull       070 kgp
15               0 kgp
16               0 kgp
Team:Assguard Lightning RE-ROLLS:3 x 50 kgp =150 kgp
Race:Dwarf FAN FACTOR:10 x 10 kgp =100 kgp
Team Value:1780 kgp ASSISTANT COACHES:  x 10 kgp =0 kgp
Bank:140 kgp CHEERLEADERS:  x 10 kgp =0 kgp
Coach:Bjoern APOTHECARY:1 x 50 kgp =50 kgp
Email:  Treasury:0 kgp

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