One in the Pink, one in the Skink

Race: Lizardman
Coached by: Sven

1XilitSaurus Blocker6419Block, Break Tackle     5220120 kgp
2ToxidSaurus Blocker6419Block, Mighty Blow, Guard     8331140 kgp
3MezukarSaurus Blocker6419Block, Tackle   116122120 kgp
4FlextorSaurus Blocker6419Block, Dodge     2319130 kgp
5MinstraxSaurus Blocker6419Block     3111100 kgp
6KzzzirSaurus Blocker6419Block, Guard     4218120 kgp
7NaxosSkink Runner8237Dodge, Stunty MNG      060 kgp
8TartatSkink Runner8247Dodge, Stunty, +1 AG   2   6100 kgp
9DaveSkink Runner8237Dodge, Stunty       060 kgp
10SutaruzSkink Runner7337Dodge, Stunty, Side Step, +1 ST, -1 MA   5  225130 kgp
11UltarusSkink Runner8237Dodge, Stunty, Sure Feet, Block   4 1119110 kgp
12               0 kgp
13               0 kgp
14               0 kgp
15KnoxxChameleon Skink7237Dodge, Stunty, Pass Block, Shadowing, Diving Tackle   2   690 kgp
16BloxolotlKroxigor6519Loner, Bone-Head, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Thick Skull, Guard, Stand Firm     2319180 kgp
Team:One in the Pink, one in the Skink RE-ROLLS:4 x 60 kgp =240 kgp
Race:Lizardman FAN FACTOR:7 x 10 kgp =70 kgp
Team Value:1770 kgp ASSISTANT COACHES:  x 10 kgp =0 kgp
Bank:100 kgp CHEERLEADERS:1 x 10 kgp =10 kgp
Coach:Sven APOTHECARY:1 x 50 kgp =50 kgp
Email:  Treasury:0 kgp

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